Paddleduck!: Julie, A Little Girl From Texas

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Julie, a little girl from Texas, learned to swim! When her Grandfather saw, he said she looked like a little duck paddling in the water. He called her, "Paddleduck"!


May 14, 2011, Yahoo News Bestselling Children’s Book

May 14, 2011, Hollywood Industry Bestselling Children’s Book, For the Young at Heart

Welcome to Paddle Duck

Paddleduck name was given to me when I was a child. My grandfather thought I looked like a duck paddling in the water when I went swimming. He called me, "Paddleduck". I have nine nieces and nephews.
I am excited to share with you that I am a newly published author.

Paddleduck! Julie, A Little Girl From Texas is my first book! I grew up with four sisters and we have many memories. After years of storytelling to nieces, nephews and other children, I have collected my stories in a book titled Paddleduck! I can share my stories with more people.